Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sasser's Reward

I left you with only a quick kiss, never dreaming it was the last time
your failing eyes would see me smile.
I believed I had saved you once more,
bought another week, or month, or year to hold you close and listen to your heart
I know your life had become less vibrant than it had been
before the years crept up and stole your strength
Some days you peed yourself, got lost in corners, barely ate
But even on the bad days, you curled beside me and tipped
your gray beard up to lick my face.

And so you waited, not able to free your soul from your failing body
until my arms were no longer wrapped around you.
"A whimper," your Daddy said. "He told me it was time with a whimper."
So it was your Daddy who sat with you and stroked you gently
as your soul slowly separated from the body that had been through so much pain.
"Tell Mama I had a good life and I love her."
You spoke the words clearly, in a species-neutral language every soul can understand.
And then you left us to join your friends who'd already made the journey
to wait until the day your Daddy and I finish our work here and join you.

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