Friday, June 5, 2009

The Secret

The Secret
by Rachelle Reese

You struggle to rise from my office floor
where you were dropped hard and damp
by the tailwind of a thunderstorm.
The four unseeing eyes on your pale green wings
plead for mercy as if they understand the futility of fluttering.
I lift you on a sheet of printer paper,
set you gently on an outdoor table holding herbs in pots.
You prop yourself carefully against a pot of mint
to show me the blue-green eggs that weigh you down.

The sunlight dries your wings and you lift yourself,
wings crossed in a ballerina fairy's pirouette.
Your seeing eyes peer out from beneath your bang
and you smile as if you know I know your secret.

About the poem: In the world of our upcoming book Dime Store Novel, Toledo Cats and Swampy can talk to fairies and goblins and even pass into the fairy realm. The fairies in the book were not inspired by fantasy, but by birds, butterflies, and moths. Dime Store Novel is due out in late 2009. However, we preview the world of Dime Store Novel in Mind of a Mad Man by presenting "From the Gator's Mouth" and "The Baptism". To learn more about Mind of a Mad Man, visit

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