Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moments with Dad

Moments with Dad
by Rachelle Reese

Listening to your low, steady voice read Poe by kerosene lamplight,
I watched the shadows battle on the walls of the tent
and felt safe from any monster words could summon.

Sitting in a row boat, I watched as you held the caught duck in your arms,
removed the hook from its beak and let it fly.
I knew then you valued freedom more than gold.

Sailing in the bay, you trusted me to take the rudder while you slept.
But when the winds whipped against the sails and I struggled,
you awoke to guide us back to safer waters.

Standing shoulder to shoulder at the kitchen counter,
we shared fresh Ahi tuna with wasabi sauce
and talked of nothing much, but knew each other's love.

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